This Lebhar-Friedman publication caters to those who design, build, and maintain retail facilities.

They wanted to keep their members abreast of the latest changes in retail with a near-future look at what’s coming so they could better prepare. We crafted a custom keynote presentation on top retail experience trends to help attendees forge better connections with the strategists, marketers, and technologists at their respective home offices.

Attendees learned: How mobile phones are affecting store design, that the Internet of Things is already having a big impact on how spaces are built and managed, and that augmented reality is not a fad.

Mike Wittenstein is billed as an expert on taking big ideas and showing us how to apply them—and that is precisely what he provided for us. As the closing keynote speaker at our conference for retail headquarters executives who work in design, construction and facilities management, he fully customized his program to focus on what they wanted to learn. He arrived early to get to know them better and, during his program, walked around the floor to connect with everyone. Mike was engaging, entertaining and approachable. He was exactly what I wanted and that’s why I have invited him to speak at a second conference next year as well.

Katherine Boccaccio, Executive Director of Events at Chain Store Age

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