LeasePlan helps manage corporate vehicle fleets worldwide. Even though LeasePlan doesn’t make or service any cars, customers still ‘blame’ them when any of hundreds of details go wrong. Managing the customer experience isn’t just a challenge—it’s a necessity.


Executive presentations and workshops helped ground the leadership team in customer experience basics. We focused on diagnosing and improving the employee experience first which revealed internal issues that needed attention. Using insights from LeasePlan’s compla int management system, we invited real customers to design workshops to develop feasible improvements to their experiences. This workshop was adapted to work in various countries.


Addressing employees’ issues first relieved various pressure points and increased accuracy. With the help of employee ‘champions’, LeasePlan fine-tuned the sales experience, served existing customers better, reduced certain operating costs, and became more efficient with this program. 25+ countries began their own customer experience programs.

Services Used: 

Experience DesignJourney MapsCustomer UnderstandingSee What You Say™Board Facilitation

“I have been working with Mike Wittenstein since beginning of 2011 on several occasions and it has been an exciting journey. Mike is an inspiring thought leader on Customer Experience and a fabulous facilitator who, every time I meet him, has a remarkable number of creative and practical ideas for us to implement. He's both professional and fun to work with

Martin Van Krimpen, Director Customer Experience At Leaseplan

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