LeasePlan México is growing aggressively as corporate customers are learning the economic values of leasing in a turbulent economy. The company wants to keep its service levels high while not adding staff too quickly. They need everyone to understand the impact their role has on customers, on fellow employees, and on the bottom line.


We delivered introductory customer experience presentations to 10 groups in four days. During that time, we led each group on a walking study tour to nearby stores where they took notes and pictures of key experience elements. Back at the office, we discussed what stood out and what each team could do to contribute to a better experience.


Every front-line employee and manager shared a common experience about customer experience. Each learned, first hand, how it feels to be well served—as well as ignored. The teams were exposed to vocabulary, design techniques, and discussion tools to enable them to contribute ideas and fixes. The management team built on this introductory experience and now relies on its front-line staff to bring customer experience issues to light and to implement them.

Services Used: 

Transformation ToursExecutive CoachingSpeaking

“When we hired 120 people, we wanted to make sure everyone understood the culture of our company and how to set us apart from our competitors. So, we hired Storyminers to take everyone on Transformation Tours so they could see, first hand, what it's like to be our customer. Unexpectedly, we learned that most Mexicans say yes to everything even when they know they can't fulfill the requests, like providing information or a quote by a certain time. Now, we value 'saying no' and carefully consider requests before responding. Mike is confident, spontaneous and completely focused on delivering what he promises, so we can, too. As we grow, we will continue to work with Storyminers.” 

Regina Granados, Human Resources Director at Leaseplan

“What I liked best about working with Mike was the way he tackled big problems and turned them into even bigger opportunities. He has a fantastically creative approach to solving problems and increasing customer satisfaction at the same time.

O que eu gostei mais trabalhando com o Mike foi a forma que ele abordou grandes problemas, fazendo deles grandes oportunidades de negócios. Ele tem uma abordagem criativa fantástica para resolver problemas e aumentar a satisfação do cliente ao mesmo tempo.” 

Marcio Hociko, Operations Director at LeasePlan México

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