This company with the light-sensitive lenses that darken in sunlight wanted to add retail to its marketing mix to connect with its customers directly.

The company wanted a clear picture of the future experience, so we used FRED (Future Retail Experience Design) to create a shopping/training/research concept—complete with details on store, customer experience, technology, customer service, and build-out.

Turning ideas into designs, tech, budgets and interactions—all at the same time—was what won support for the project. Story/Experience Framework, Reason for Being, Journey Mapping, See What You Say, and experience prototyping are the tools Transitions relied on to iteratively layer in the details they wanted to see so that they could build out the final design and its supporting processes. They got a clear view of their future experience before even one dollar was spent on construction, leasing, or technology. We kept the design on track and in-line with commercial objectives using an Adaptive Enterprise approach to business design.

Result: Transitions was acquired sooner than expected.

“The StoryMiners team helped us create a more personal, interactive optical retail experience—our store of the future. They developed experiences designed to turn heads and the underlying capabilities our businesses needed to deliver them.”

Renee Himel, VP of Marketing and Customer Experience, Transitions Optical, now at National Vision

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